Copyrights & prices

All photos on this website can also be purchased in higher resolution for commercial use. The photographer Tobias Schorr will be happy to help you implement your image ideas and select the right photo for your project.

Anyone who visits this website and looks at photos & looks at an enlarged view is aware that all copyrights of the photos are by the photographer Tobias Schorr and that commercial use is only possible in consultation with him and against financial compensation with Tobias Schorr.
Was verstehe ich unter kommerzieller Nutzung?

1. Include a photo on a website that sells a service or product
2. All printed matter that is distributed to the public
3. Integration in digital media (app, video, website, etc.)
4. Promote an event

Why is private use also not possible?

If you need a photo for a private website, you have to ask me beforehand and then also put the name of the photographer + a link on my website.

"Right click & copy" is NOT a permit to simply use a photo!

Even the Google image search is not a free ticket to use the photos found there!

Google finds all photos on the Internet and shows them in the results without immediately showing who the author is. This will help to find the web pages that host the photos. This is okay so far. But this gives you not the right to use them.


Prices for photographs & photojobs

All photographs can be ordered in high resolution at Tobias Schorr!

1. photographs for prints
All photos are available in 300dpi until 100 cm in size.

The price is orientated at a.) how man pieces you want to print b.) the size of a print

Example:  DinA4-page 20 cm x 29,7 cm in 300 dpi in a magazine from 750,00 € + German Vat. 19% (front page at a different price!)

DinA5 350,00 € + German Vat 19%

10x15 cm and smaller 250,00 € + 19% German Vat.

2. photos for internet

The price is for one year of use

 200 px bis 700 px 250,00 € + German VAT 19%

750px bis 1024px 450,00 € + German VAT 19%

Banner 650,00 € + German VAT 19%

3. aerial photographs

200 - 700 px 450,00 € + German VAT 19%

750 - 1024 px 650,00 € + German VAT 19%

Banner 1000,00 + 19%

4. jobs

Daily cost in Germany 450,00 € + German VAT + expences.
Daily cost in other countries  800,00 € + German VAT + expences.

5. additional cost for illegal use
a.) the name of photographer is missed + 50%
b.) use without written permission + 50%
c.) additional cost for lawyer if you do not pay in time starting at 1000 € up to 5000-15000 €

A photo that costs 250,00 € may reach more than 500,00 €. So why not asking for a permission before getting a huge invoice and a letter from a lawyer? And if you ask in time, I may prepare even a better photo for you!
If you respect my work, you can only benefit!

Brief explanation

For photographers, photos are a commodity that they sell for their living and the internet is the virtual shop window.

If you break in a shop window and steal the goods, you are liable to prosecution, nothing else is downloading, copying or taking screenshots, removing the copyright and posting my photos on your own (commercial) website.

If you ask me BEFORE we will find an amicable solution!